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Last update:2017/05/06

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SignalClock is an iOS digital clock application.
-- Time signal function
-- 5 different sound sets
-- Customizable clock

Free edition, SignalClock Lite is also available.
-- 3 sound sets
-- Half hour unit time signals


SignalClock Version 4.2 now on sale

SignalClock Lite Version 2.0 in stores now

Notification settings bug was fixed.

Known issues

SignalClock 4.2:

      Nothing special

SignalClock Lite 2.0:

      Nothing special

Contact information

Seller name: Masafumi Endoh
Address: 2-9-3, Shinkawa, Chuo, Tokyo, 104-0033 JAPAN
Email: max04@aol.com


How to input Emoji (Picture character)

Add Emoji keyboard if not yet.

Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards ->
    -> Add New Keyboard... -> Emoji

Does SignalClock run always to ring time signals?

No, time signals ring if app doesn't run.

The reason why device rebooting may be necessary after app update

Time signal function in SignalClock realises by iOS Local notification center, you know, and it seems the notification center has "something like cache" scheme. The "cache" may remain there even if active signal set would be started over after application update includes some sound file changes.
If, unfortunately, the old "something like cache" remains, default notification sound rings alternatively or no sound rings at all. The easiest way to avoid this issue as follows:
1. Turn OFF active signal set.
2. Reboot your device.
3. Turn ON signal set you use.

Is it possible "Show in Notification Center" turn Off ?

Yes, it's possible.

Lots of time signals ring after go back from device locking

Set alert type "None" in Notification Center setting of iOS for SignalClock.
It's strongly recommended.

Do SignalClock and SignalClock Lite work in parallel ?

They are different apps technically, so yes, they work in parallel.